Invited Speakers

T. Belloni "QPO-Jet relation in X-ray binaries and AGNs" (Italy)

P. L. Biermann “Is there an UHECRs-AGN connection?” (Germany) (TBC)

M. Birkinshaw “Extragalactic jet observations from radio to X-ray/acceleration” (UK)

S. Cabrit “Jet-accretion connection in YSOs” (France)

M. Camenzind “Theory of relativistic jets” (Germany)

E. de Gouveia Dal Pino “Magnetic Reconnection in accretion disks/coronae and jet launching” (Brazil)

A. Dutrey “ALMA and LOFAR in the context of accretion disks” (France)

A. Ferrari “Extragalactic jets simulations” (Italy)

J. Hawley “Numerical simulations of MHD accretion disks” (USA)

A. King “Jet-accretion disk physics: from transport to dynamo processes” (UK)

P. Meszaros “Jets in GRBs” (USA)

F. Mirabel “Accretion/Jet connection in black holes – observations” (Chile)

R. Narayan “Accretion disks theory” (USA)

A. Raga “YSO jet simulations” (Mexico)

T. Ray “YSO jets rotation and magnetic field observations” (Ireland)

L. F. Rodriguez “YSO radio and milimmetric observations” (Mexico)

B. Reipurth “YSO jets optical observations” (USA)

K. Shibata “Numerical MHD simulations of Astrophysical Jets” (Japan)

F. Shu “Star formation-jet connection” (Taiwan-US)

N. Soker “ Are jets rotating at the launching?” (Israel)

T. Storchi-Bergmann “AGN accretion disk observations” (Brazil)